From Bergen with your car please take E39 to Oppedal. Take the ferry to Lavik,and E39 north to Byrkjelo. Then the road 60 direction Stryn. After 1 km. turn right by the sign Myklebust. After 4 km, when you can see the lake, stop by the sign Sandal gardsturisme. The owners house is light yellow /white. You are there!!

From Oslo with your car go E18 direction Drammen to Sandvika (16 km) then E16 via Hønefoss and Fagernes to Lærdal (ca. 320 km) then road 5 to Fodnes. Take the ferry to Mannheller, then Sogndal and to Fjærland trough the tunnels. From Skei take E39 to Byrkjelo. Then the same as above.